International Women’s Day Celebrations

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Women feel much greater when lead by right men
On the Occasion of international Women’s day, St. Pauls College of Pharmacy has proved it to be right.
All the lady staff right from the Professors to the blue colored staff were highly honored on this special day of them. The celebration was vibrant with added knowledge by Dr. Vandana B. Patravale who inspired the staff and the students with the motivational words on the topic “Embrace the Equity”. She added the importance of balancing Professional and Personal life, and the importance of being available to the people in need. She encouraged the women staff to be stronger and planned. The session was highlighted with the questionnaire part, where each staff questions are answered. Many inspirational and motivational speeches were given by the women staff. A sumptuous lunch was arranged for the staff by the management to mark the special day. All the lady staff were made much happier with the beautiful gifts by the students, staff and the management.

A special appreciation should be given to the Male Staff , NSS St.Pauls and IPASF student chapter who have initiated the celebrations and made it grand to empower the women. They have not only made sure to honor each women of the St. Pauls family but have also encouraged the boy students to do so, in order to inculcate the most needed character, which is respecting women.
A special thanks to be given to the Principal Dr. Kiranmayi Mandava who always makes the events most meaningful with her extraordinary thoughts and ideas.

The women staff of St. Pauls College of Pharmacy happily extended their gratitude towards the management for making the day happy so special for all.

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