The 20 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses

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For those with some JavaScript knowledge, this beginner, 40+ hour React.js course teaches you how to develop fast, reactive web apps using React code. Working on front-end code like HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS will give you the basic knowledge of website structures, but you’ll likely want to move on to back-end languages such as Python and Ruby on Rails. To get started you may wish to consider the Front-End Web Developer Professional Certificate from W3Cx. Strengthen your adaptability skills with Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI. The world faces a shortage of healthcare professionals, and many tasks on the frontline of healthcare are a long way off being fully automated—if they ever can be.

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Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business administration, computer science, or information technology. For some programmes, candidates may also need to know how to work with data, programming languages, or tools for analyzing data. Business Intelligence (BI) has become an essential component of many modern organizations, and the job demand for professionals with expertise in BI is on the rise. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the number of business analysts, who often work with BI, could grow by up to 25% by 2030. This estimate is a lot higher than the average growth rate for all industries, which is 8% for the same time period.

Udemy offers in-depth bootcamps in everything from coding to drawing — here are 28 of the most popular courses

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals are increasingly able to augment their skills with AI tools. But human qualities like emotional intelligence and empathy will always be critical to their roles. In developed economies, healthcare jobs are also often relatively well-paid—reflecting the specialist skills, qualities and experience needed to do the job well.

Moreover, it is typically necessary to have knowledge of programming languages like Python, R, and SQL. Courses leading to a Data Science certification are open to participants of any experience level, from complete beginners to seasoned experts. The completion of an undergraduate degree is the one and only requirement needed to sign up for a full- or part-time course. This list shows renewed professional dedication to personal growth, connection with colleagues, and honing our crafts.

Q.2 Which courses are for IT students?

In most cases, postgraduate courses at UK universities take one year to complete, if studied full time. Entry requirements tend to include a degree in a computing-related subject, but your application may be considered if you can demonstrate your interest in cyber security through work experience. Masters-level study will prepare you for a career in the industry or further study in the form of a PhD.

You can choose to learn either Android or iOS app development, or if you have time, both. Java and SQL are prerequisites for creating Android apps, and you need to be familiar with Objective C for iOS. On the other hand, best courses students are keen to develop mobile applications and deploy them over the play store. However, some of the most popular and desired IT certifications include those in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and networking.

The 20 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses of the Year

In certain cases, they may also be tasked with designing and executing machine learning models, sharing findings with relevant parties, and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field. The term “IT” however is used by some as a catch-all phrase to refer to any work that includes using or developing computers and computer programs. Employers have struggled to find and keep talented employees in recent years; a predicament made worse by the pandemic. According to a survey conducted by Global Knowledge, a technological skills development firm, half of hiring managers indicated recruiting is a significant difficulty.

Companies’ digital infrastructure needs to be safe and secured against unauthorised access. Not just for enterprises but also for the country as a whole, cybersecurity is crucial. Professionals with cybersecurity expertise are required in order to protect the data. Software development is one of the most preferred IT courses in the industry as it involves building, designing, testing and deploying software from scratch.

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