Functions and responsibilities:

  • Members of the committee give their suggestions and directions for the smooth running of the college in academic aspect
  • Review the academic and other related activities of the college
  • Scrutinizing and Approval of Proposals with or without modifications of BOS with regard to Academic Regulations, Curricula , Syllabi etc.,
  • Prepare and review Academics Calendar and Class Routine for the college
  • Preparation of Academic Regulations, Curricula, Syllabi etc.
  • Plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college
  • Vigilance on the attendance of teachers and regularity in taking the classes
  • To examine or make decisions on important issues concerning talents cultivation, research, disciplinary construction, personnel building and other academic affairs.
  • To examine and make decisions or authorize to examine and make decisions on teaching and research achievements, projects, awards and academic requirements of personnel posts.

Frequency of meeting: Once in a month.

Academic committee (2020-2021):

S.No Name Status Designation
1 Dr. B.Chandrashekar Incharge Principal, St Pauls college of pharmacy
2 Dr.M. Kiranmai Member HOD, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
3 Dr. K.Venu Madhav Member HOD, Department of Pharmaceutics
4 Dr. V. Asha Jyothi Member HOD, Department of Pharmacology
5 Dr. P. Sunil Kumar Chaitanya Member HOD, Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis
6 Dr. K. Venkateshwarlu Member HOD, Department of Pharm.D.
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