S.NO Photograph of Faculty Name of the Faculty/ Qualification/ Designation Department Area of Research Profiles
1 Dr. M. Kiranmai

Dr. M. Kiranmai

M.Pharmacy, Ph.D., Professor & Principal

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Medicinal & Green Chemistry, Nanomedicines, Multidisciplinary Research Download Profile
2 Dr. K Venu Madhav

Dr. K. Venu Madhav

M.Pharmacy, Ph.D. & HOD

Dept. of Pharmaceutics Novel Drug Delivery System, Nano Technology, Lipid Formulations Download Profile
3 Dr. P. Sunil Kumar Chaitanya

Dr. P. Sunil Kumar Chaitanya

M.Pharmacy, Ph.D. & HOD

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Analysis Bio analytical Method Development for the New Analytes Download Profile
4 somnath

Dr. Somnath De

M.Pharmacy, Ph.D. & HOD

Dept. of Pharmacology Pharmacology and Toxicology, Molecular Pharmacology Download Profile
5 Dr. S. Vanita Sagar

Dr. S. Vanita Sagar

M.Pharmacy, Ph.D. &HOD

Dept. of Pharmacognosy Natural Products research Download Profile
6 naga-raju

Dr. Naga Raju Kandukoori

M. Pharm., Ph.D
IQAC Coordinator

Department of Pharmaceutics Development of Novel Drug Delivery Systems & Study of Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Interactions Download Profile
7 sneha-thakur

Dr. Sneha Thakur

M. Pharm., Ph.D, HOD

Department of Pharmacognosy Natural Products & Nano Technology Download Profile
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