Dr. K. Naga Raju

Dr. Naga Raju Kandukoori

M. Pharm., Ph.D., IQAC Coordinator
Department of Pharmaceutics


  • Got awarded with Ph.D in pharmaceutical sciences from Kaktiya university in June, 2021.
  • Completed M.Pharmacy (2007-2009) from Kakatiya university.
  • Completed B.Pharmacy (2003-2007) from Osmania university.
  • Qualified GPAT–2019 with a NTAscore of 97.107 and all India rank of 1177
  • Total teaching Experience (as on 14-04-2023) : 14 Years

Research Activities

  • Project Guidance : Guided for 25B.Pharmacy and 20M.Pharmacy projects.
  • Research Areas : Development of Novel Drug Delivery Systems like Gastroretentive systems, Nanoparticles, Mucoadhesive buccal systems and Sustained and controlled release dosage forms; Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic interaction studies.
  • Membership in Professional Bodies : Life member of APTI and APP. Registered Nominee from CCSEA, New Delhi.
  • Participations in FDPs : Participated in 15 different FDP sessions on various topics
  • Presentations and Participations in Conferences / Seminars : Participated and presented different research topics at 20 different National/International conferences.


  • Received a patent grant on research work entitled ‘A Process for Preparing Sustained Release Solid Oral Formulation of a Water-Soluble Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor’. [Application No. 202141042071 A; Patent No.: 407125]
  • Filed a patent on research work entitled ‘A Process for Preparing Stable Sustained Release Matrix Tablet of Nateglinide Using Natural Polymer’. [Application No. 202141047166 A]

Publications : Total 43. Some Scopus publications are as follows

  • Naga Raju Kandukoori, Narsimha Reddy Yellu. Effect of Capsaicin on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Nateglinide in normal and diabetic rats. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 2023; 16(3): 991-996.
  • Naga Raju Kandukoori, Deepika B, Kiranmai Mandava. Study on consequences for interaction of myricetin with canagliflozin: A special attention to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drug. Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia, 2023; 50 (1): 17-23.
  • Naga Raju Kandukoori, Pavani Uppu, Narsimha Reddy Yellu.Study of alterations inpharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Saxagliptin in the presence of Rutin: An interaction study in rats.Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 2020; 10(11): 81-86. ISSN: 2231-3354.
  • Naga Raju Kandukoori, F Maimanath, K Ravali, SW Jameel, B Deepika.Studies on Influence ofPolypropylene Foam Powder on Gastroretentive properties of Floating tablets of Cefditoren pivoxil.Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 2018; 11(9): 3923-3926. ISSN: 0974-3618 (Print) and 0974-360X (Online).
  • K Naga Raju, S Velmurugan, B Deepika, S Vinushitha.Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation ofBuccal Tablets of Metoprolol Tartrate.International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2011; 3(2):239-246. ISSN: 0975- 1491.