St. Pauls College of Pharmacy is actively involved in the organizing various activities to make the women student s aware of the empowerment of women.

Women of today are pragmatic, intelligent and thinking and many aspire to be self independent and economically stable and therefore there is every need to empower them. Empowerment is inspiring women to develop the courage the break free from the chains superstitions, patterns; social limitations that have traditionally kept women suppressed and unable to realized their true essence and power.

The empowerment of women is vital and increases their ability to influence changes and contribute to a better society.

• Impart carrier guidance and counseling to facilitate economics security and financial independence.
• Focus on health care and women related issues.
• To address the complaints and problems of women students and staff.
• To strengthen the students physically, mentally and extending more support to face the present day situation.
• To identify and promote the strong leadership and growth of women as individuals in their own right.
• To develop the self-confidence of women in building their capacity.
• Training the women to impart knowledge of opportunities and resources available to get backing support.
• To educate girl students on women specific health issues and measures to be taken.

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