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  1. Indaian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education Research
  2. Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapetics
  3. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology.
  4. Perspectives in Clinical Research
  5. Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research
  6. Indiian Journal of Pharmacology
  7. Journal of Chemistry Sec.A
  8. Journal of Chemistry Sec.B
  9. Pharmacognosy Research
  10. Indaian Drugs
  11. Journal of Hospital Pharmacy
  12. Journal of Current Pharmacy Research
  13. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights.
  14. Journal of Chemical Science
  15. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
  16. Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice
  17. Journal of Genetics
  18. Journal of Bioscience

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  1. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Analysis
  2. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Drug Research
  3. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis.
  4. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics.
  5. International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics
  6. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Research
  7. International Journal of Pharmagenesis.