Panel Discussion with Leading Innovators And Founders of Patanjali Research Foundation

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Panel discussion with leading innovators and founders of Patanjali Research Foundation (PRF) was organized at PRF premises Haridwar by IIC President, Institute chairman and IA’s.

St. Pauls College of Pharmacy has conducted as interstate panel discussion with leading innovators and founder of Patanjali Research Foundation. The discussion has reinforced the knowledge on traditional health care system with the pacing the current trends in Pharma innovations. The panel discussion was held with Acharya Balakrishna (Founder, Patanjali foundation), Dr. Vedapriya Arya, Head, Herbal Research division PRF, Dr.M. Kiranmai (President, IIC, Principal St Pauls College of Pharmacy), Mr.K. Sudhir (Chairman, St. Pauls College of Pharmacy). The discussion highlighted the aspects of innovation in traditional knowledge-based products that can generate entrepreneurship. The session enlightened with funding aspects, innovative products, key herbal formulations, standardization methods of herbals etc. Finally, the session witnessed the exchange of MOU for research and incubation collaboration with Patanjali Research Foundation by Mr.K. Sudhir and IIC President Dr.M. Kiranmai, Principal St. Pauls College of Pharmacy.

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